Our Top Amiga Winter Sport Games

1. Winter Games

Winter Games Amiga Game

Developed by Action Graphics, Inc., Winter Games is a part of the Epyx Olympic series of sports titles. It was released in 1985 as a follow up to the hit title Summer Games. This action title includes a number of events based on those in the Winter Olympic Games: Biathlon, Alpine Skiing, Figure skating, Speed skating, Ski Jumping, Bobsled, Hot Dog Aerials (freestyle skiing) and Luge competitions.

Winter Games allowed for up to eight players to represent different countries and compete against each other. The goal is to win medals while taking turns in participating in several events.

There are several game play options to suit both hardcore sports game fans and those who are new to the genre. Players are allowed to participate in all available events in a sequential order -- perfect for those who wish to put their skills to the test. Casual fans can go for a handful of challenges they are interested in or even focus on practicing a single event.

2. Ski or Die

Ski or Die Amiga Game

Published and developed by Electronic Arts Ltd., Ski or Die is an extreme sports title released in 1990. This snow-themed game allows players to compete in five skill-based challenges.

Innertube Trash is an event wherein competitors race down a mountain while grabbing item pick-ups and sabotaging their opponent's tires in order to finish in first place. Acro Aerials is where players ski down ramps and perform acrobatic feats to score points. On Snowboard Half-Pipe on the other hand, players focus on performing tricks within a half-pipe. For those looking for a little more excitement, the objective in Downhill Blitz is to perform stunts and jump over chasms. For a bit of fun, Snowball Blast is just what it says -- a snowball fight in first-person perspective.

These mini games may be played solo or sequentially, in a set order. Tournament mode has support for hot-seat multiplayer which can accommodate up to 6 competitors in four of the events while the last may be played by pairs. Those who wish to master a particular mini game may take advantage of Ski or Die's practice mode.

3. Winter Supersports 9

Winter Supersports 9 Amiga Game

Winter Supersports 92 is an event-based sports title released by Flair Software Ltd. The goal here is to get as many points as possible by participating in a variety of events. These challenges are held one after the other and the player which racks up the most points wins the set. There are eight mini games all in all and all of these are based on the Winter Olympiad.

Circuit challenges include the Giant Slalom, Downhill Skiing and the Pro Ski Challenge. Speed Skating and Bale Jumping events rely on rhythm while steering is the name of the game in the Luge and Bobsled events. Last but not the least, Skidoo Racing makes use of a top-down course which must be completed in the shortest amount of time.

Aside from the usual single player mode, Winter Supersports 92 also features a multiplayer mode. The latter allows competitors to test their skills in split-screen view, two people at a time.

4. Super Ski II

Super Ski II Amiga Game

Super Ski II is a winter-themed sports game published and developed by Microïds. It was released in 1992 as a sequel to the hit title Super Ski. There are six skiing events available, with an option to play in single player or with a friend in multiplayer mode.

Events include the Downhill, Bobsleigh, Super Giant, Ski Jump, Slalom and Moguls events. As it is in real life, the game's mini games have different objectives. In slalom type events, the players race to pass gates while following a route and avoiding nasty obstacles. Bobsleigh races puts emphasis on steering as players try to stay on track while Moguls prioritizes stylish jumps. All of these events may be mastered via Super Ski II's Training Mode.

The mini games are set against the backdrop of well-known resorts in the French Alps such as La Tania, a ski resort which was developed for the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992; Courchevel, which is a part of the world's largest linked ski area; and the the Val-d'Isère which hosts alpine events for the World Cup and is located in southeastern France.

5. Winter Olympiad 88

Winter Olympiad 88 Amiga Game

Also known as World Class Competition, the classic alpine sports title Winter Olympiad 88 was published by Thunder Mountain and developed by Tynesoft Computer Software. In this title, players compete in a total of five events based on the Winter Olympic Games: Biathlon, Downhill Skiing, Bob Sled, Ski Jump and Slalom. The events are pretty similar to Epyx's Winter Games.

Players can expect different game play styles for each of Winter Olympiad 88's mini games. For starters, the Biathlon combines skiing and archery as players maneuver while shooting targets. On the other hand, steering is the most important skill in Downhill Skiing as competitors aim to reach the bottom of a hill as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles. The Slalom event works the same way, wherein players swerve left and right past flags while keeping a steady speed.

In terms of difficulty, the Bobsled mini game is a bit more challenging as sleds can flip if the player isn't careful. Technique and timing is also important in Ski Jump events as smooth landings are the key to beating them.


Ever wondered what it would be like to participate in Winter Olympic Games and go head to head with the greats? You need not switch careers or move to a country with year-round snowy mountains. Amiga's selection of winter sport games is impressive in that they include a wealth of alpine sport events to keep you on your toes.

These games are not only great for perfecting virtual sled maneuvering and ski landings but are just the thing to share with friends. See how far your skills can take you and feel like a true Olympic athlete by participating in split screen multiplayer. Winter Games, for instance, can accommodate up to eight human participants and Ski or Die may be enjoyed by up to six people.

True blue fans of the sport will appreciate the fact that Super Ski II is set on epic French resorts. Or, if you're a casual fan and you prefer something a bit more light-hearted, there's always Ski or Die's snowball fight mini game. With the no-fuss training modes in these titles, even those who are new to the genre have something to look forward to. When it comes to winter sport games, the Amiga has something for everyone.