Our Top Amiga Tank Warfare & Simulation Games

M1 Tank Platoon

M1 Tank Platoon

Score: 7.81/10

A simulation of tank warfare, M1 Tank Platoon was launched by MicroProse for the Amiga back in 1989. This game combines tactical game play elements with compelling first-person tank warfare. Aside from Tanks, players are allowed to issue orders to Aircrafts, Infantry, Artillery and AA units. The fictional campaign takes place in Central Europe and pits players against Warsaw Pact troops.

As the Main Battle Tank Platoon Commander, four U.S. M1 Abrams tanks may be controlled directly. The player may switch from being the commander, gunner or driver of these tanks, playing M1 Tank Platoon as a simulation game in first-person perspective.

Another option is to play the title as a strategy game by making use of the tactical map to direct friendly units. This makes it possible to command infantry vehicles, attack helicopters, MLRS artillery systems as well as classic M60 Patton tanks depending on the current mission's specifics. Surviving battles allow units in the M1 platoon to increase their skill.

Campaigns typically begin with the player being on the defensive. The challenge lies in defeating a larger army using technologically advanced NATO vehicles. Turning the tide results in being given new waypoints to either reach or defend. Terrain factors in greatly in whittling down enemy forces, however, simply having a good vantage point does not automatically guarantee a win. Enemy units can and will attack static friendlies so choosing the order of units to eliminate and moving around the map is a must.



Score: 7.52/10

Developed by Silent Software, Inc., Firepower is a warfare strategy game which was originally released for the Amiga in 1987. In this title, players take control of a tank, exploring the landscape to uncover base locations hidden around the map. There are at least a pair of bases available per map (for the yellow team and the green team). Each of these have several types of structures, such as barracks, bio-domes and armories.

The goal of the game is to infiltrate the enemy base in order to capture their flag. Instead of strategically sneaking inside a base, it is possible to simply wreak havoc around a base by blasting enemy defenses straight out. Garages, along with the building which houses the enemy's flag, may not be destroyed.

Optionally, prisoners of war may be rescued by destroying any POW camps that are found scattered within the base. Once freed, captives will hop aboard the tank to head back to the home base. Every fifteen prisoners rescued gives the player an extra life for his tank. There are three different tanks to choose from and these vary in terms of speed and power. Tanks also differ when it comes to the number of prisoners they can carry. Reentering the garage allows the player to swap tanks mid-campaign.

Firepower may be played solo, with a friend in local split screen or using a modem to battle and chat in real time.



Score: 7.38/10

The strategy war title Campaign was developed and released by Empire Interactive for the Amiga in 1993. Set during the events of World War II, the game allows the player to participate in historical campaigns such as D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. Campaign combines its tactical game play with a unique battle mode which is activated when opposing forces end up right beside each other. A map editor allows users to modify parts of the scenarios, even create their very own if they wish to.

Campaign offers highly-detailed game play which allows warfare aficionados to strategize, even factor in viable supply routes to lead their units to victory. Players are not confined to a single task. One may either drive a tank or take charge of gunning down enemies. If a more tactical participation is preferred, then the player may direct groups of tanks along with their support units. Each group consists of 16 tanks with more than 150 vehicles featured in the game. Combat may take place not only during the day, but also last or even begin at night time.

Sherman M4

Sherman M4

Score: 6.9/10

A 3D tank simulation game, Sherman M4 was released by Deadly Games in 1992. In this title, players step into the shoes of a tank commander aboard an M4 Sherman tank. Events in the game are set during World War II, with 3 campaigns all in all.

Featuring a progressive difficulty level, "The Attack" covers the invasion of Normany as players fight against the creator of the Blitzkrieg tactic, General Heinz Guderian. "The Defense" allows players to experience fighting against Gerd Von Rundstedt in the ultimate battle on the Ardennes and "The Strategy" takes place in the desert, pitting players not only against natural hazards but also the highly effective Afrika Korps.

In order to complete the missions, players will be provided up to 4 M4s, artillery support and 2 jeeps. Only one unit may be controlled at a time but movement orders may be issued to the others using the map. This way, allies will be able to automatically attack enemy forces encountered.

Aside from moving jeeps, players will also be able to call artillery strikes which take about a minute to charge. Your goal varies per mission but these range from capturing camps, rescuing friendlies as well as destroying routes and supporting convoys. Successfully performing key objectives will repair, rearm and refuel tanks. Before starting a missions, the player may toggle options which alter the commander, morale and skill level of enemy units.

Campaign II

Campaign II

Score: 6.67/10

Released in 1993 by Empire Interactive, Campaign II is an action-packed strategy war game which features 3D graphics. As a sequel to Campaign, this title shares many similarities with the original but features a number of new campaigns set during the post-war era. These includes every large-scale war from 1945 up to 1991, namely, Korea, Vietnam, Yom Kippur, the Six Day War, Iran-Iraq and the Gulf.

As it was in its predecessor, Campaign II combines strategy elements with arcade style game play. Players take command of their own military forces, coming up with tactics to whittle down enemy forces and interfere with supply lines. The game's combat mode is activated whenever opposing units are within a certain proximity of each other. Once that happens, the player will be given control of a tank for the succeeding battle. Aside from the main missions, Campaign II also has a number of training maps as well as a scenario editor.


The Amiga's game library has a wealth of titles which still resound to today's players. However, these timeless tank games have laid the foundation for titles such as the massively multiplayer online games - www.tankwargames.net like www.worldoftanks.com or Shellshock on Steam. Play them and find out why, despite their age, these Amiga classics will never go out of style.