Our Top Amiga Basketball Games

1. TV Sports Basketball

TV Sports Basketball Amiga Game

Developed by Cinemaware Corporation and released in 1989, TV: Sports: Basketball is an arcade-style sports title which gives players the ability to recreate complete league seasons with a player in each one of the clubs. Being the second offering in Cinemaware's series of sports games, fans can expect high production values and innovative cut scenes for its time. Exhibition games are also on offer, with 28 clubs available all in all.

Instead of just being able to play matches, fans can also immerse themselves in the coaching aspect of the game. From coming up with game strategies to making decisions for substitutions, TV Sports: Basketball recreates the thrills of the court and makes it available 24/7 from the comforts of home.

This action-packed title makes use of different camera views, with top-down angles used whenever the ball is near a hoop. Matches are played five-a-side. They may be played against the AI or a human opponent in versus. For those who would rather play alongside a friend, they can also go for co-op mode. Players are free to choose whether they wish to focus on using just one character for the whole duration of the match or to the active one in possessing the ball.

2. One on One

One on One Amiga Game

Feel the rush as you step into the shoes of either Larry Bird or Julius Erving in a game of one on one. Released in 1983, this game features excellent animations that were ahead of its time. Players may enjoy games which last until a score is reached or up to a certain amount of time.

While on offense, players may spin in order to avoid his rival, shoot from up-close with a slam dunk or attempt long distance shots. Players on defense may attempt to steal or block their rival's ball. Being overly aggressive results in fouls while great set-ups are rewarded with slow motion replays. It is even possible to smash the backboard's glass if a dunk is hard enough. This is followed by a cleanup period by an angry janitor with plenty of insults in store for everyone.

3. Omni-Play Basketball

Omni-Play Basketball Amiga Game

Published by SportTime in 1989 and developed by DesignStar Consultants, Omni-Play Basketball offers two types of basketball game with different sets of players and three skill levels to choose from. This is a licensed sports title which makes use of a side-scrolling camera view and features almost a decade's worth of accurate player and team statistics.

The available game modes for this title are quite distinct. One remains faithful to real life matches and offers full league seasons. These may be played alone or with a friend in multiplayer mode. Hear the crowd go wild, perform last minute slam dunks and miraculous three pointers -- progress may be saved to disk.

The other game mode offers arcade-style action, complete with flow control which assists with shooting. Players have options when it comes to match length as well as the time limit set for shots. Court colors may also be changed to the player's preferences.

4. Future Basketball

Future Basketball Amiga Game

Released back in 1990, Future Basketball is not your typical sports title. Aside from giving players the chance to show off with fast breaks, slam dunks and shots from downtown, this features a few fighting and sci-fi elements, it's sort of reminscent of the movie Space Jam. In this unique basketball title, violence isn't a no-no. Matches take place on a small court with both 2 and 3-pointer areas. There are 5 players per team, each affected by mass psychosis as per the game's manual. The one rule is to win, as it mentions, as a means to quell the world's steadily rising crime rate.

Instead of highly waxed floors, Future Basketball's courts are littered with bombs and mines. These explosive surprises are there to wound unwitting athletes while they literally shoot down the competition. Holding down the fire button initializes the shot. This allows the player to adjust the height and get it right to a tee. At this point, rivals will be able to tackle the active player so timing the shot is crucial to success.

The game offers a 3-division league for players to enjoy. As normal penalties do not apply, fans can say goodbye to their rulebook and say hello to a world without 25-second hand-overs and double-dribbling to mind.

5. GBA Championship Basketball

GBA Championship Basketball Amiga Game

GBA Championship Basketball is a sports title developed by Gamestar and released in 1986. It may be played either in solo or two-player co-op mode while competing against the computer or in multiplayer modes with a ful team of AI. For fans who are new to the world of virtual basketball titles, there's also a Practice mode included in the game. This allows fans to enjoy games such as "Horse" or "Around the World" or even participate in one on one matches with a pal.

Matches are played on a full-sized basketball court which means that players have a wide range of shot types to choose from. From jump shots, hook shots and dramatic slam dunks, the possibilities are nearly endless. Players are also given the chance to choose and draft team mates from ten different characters. This list includes options which are based on actual superstars exhibiting a diverse range of play styles.

Additional, the virtual newspaper "Gamestar Gazette" lets players check scores and division rankings after every match.


With this diverse list, fans of the sport will certainly find a favorite in our list of top Amiga basketball titles. From its massive number of clubs to the possibility for exhibition games, TV Sports: Basketball, GBA Championship Basketball and Omni-Play Basketball gives players a chance to try a little bit of everything. Those who wish to play as one of the greats on the other hand, will enjoy One on One the most. And for those looking for a bit of spice, Future Basketball will surely be the MVP.