Our Top Amiga Baseball Games

1. Earl Weaver Baseball

Earl Weaver Baseball Amiga Game

Earl Weaver Baseball us a first-person perspective sports title published by Electronic Arts, Inc. What sets this title apart from the rest is the fact that Hall of Fame Major League member Earl Weaver himself provided the AI for its computer manager. The game was quite revolutionary for its time and was responsible for bringing the EA Sports brand to fruition.

The game play is a bit different from your average baseball sim. In Earl Weaver Baseball, the player has no control over the actual fielders. Instead, he has control of the ball, utilizing a top-down view for the batter and pitcher interface. A practice mode is available to assist beginners in learning how pitching, batting and fielding works. The feature was applauded for its authenticity. For instance, fielding practice involves throw to first base as well as turn a double play. Though there are no playoffs, players may go for a complete season (or 162 games in total).

By default, the editor rated stats up to 10 but with the use of the editor, this can be increased to 15. This gives players a significant advantage depending on the stat increased. It would be impossible to tag players with a runner stat over 10. This results in an automatic inside-the-park home run on bunted balls. A pitching speed of 15 produced fastballs that could go up to 100+ mph.

2. Bo Jackson Baseball

Bo Jackson Baseball Amiga Game

Released back in 1991, Bo Jackson Baseball is an arcade-style sports title which makes use of 16-bit graphics. This user friendly sports title features 26 teams to choose from, with the option to edit player abilities and stats. While real life team names aren't used due to licensing restrictions, the game does make use of proper city names and parodies of actual player names.

The player may enjoy both batting and pitching as well as a managerial aspect on the side. Each role has its own set of game play elements and nuances. For instance, pitchers have five types of pitches available to them. These vary in terms of speed. On the other hand, the manager's option screen allows one to choose a lineup and specify the preferred batting order.

Bo Jackson Baseball features a Playoff Mode as well as an Exhibition Mode. Players may go for a minimum of five up to a maximum of nine innings in solo play or two-player mode. There is a CPU vs. CPU as well as a quick mode which helps hasten things up and allows players to see how character stats stack up against each other.

3. Hardball!

Hardball! Amiga Game

Published and developed by Accolade, Inc, Hardball! is a baseball title which may be enjoyed solo or with a friend. From curve balls to fast balls, the game features a number of different pitches. Players can create their dream team, substitute members and steal bases just like in an actual baseball match.

The game controls are quite simple. Pressing one of four directional buttons selects the pitch. Pressing it again will give options that have to do with the height of the aim (towards batter, away from batter, high or low). The directional buttons also determine the angle of the swing when batting. While fielding, the active player will flash, the directional buttons will then be used to specify one of four bases.

Like Bo Jackson Baseball, there is a managerial element to the game. The player may choose the pitcher as well as the team order. Each member of the team has their own set of ratings which dictate their performance and reliability.

4. TV Sports Baseball

TV Sports Baseball Amiga Game

TV Sports Baseball is a title published by Data East USA, Inc. in 1991. This arcade-style sports title released in Europe is a part of the same series as TV Sports: Basketball, TV Sports: Hockey and TV Sports: Football. It features 26 teams in total and allows the player to be in direct control of the pitcher and batter.

This game also includes a managerial aspect to its game play, allowing baseball fans to select their own lineup and determine a batting order when playing a full season. For those who are still new to the genre, TV Sports Baseball is certain to be a treat thanks to its user-friendly delivery. It also excels in terms of graphics as it features motion captured animations for its characters. Additionally, it features Bob McGill's likeness.

5. R.B.I. 2 Baseball

RBI 2 Baseball Amiga Game

R.B.I. Baseball 2 is a third-person perspective sports title published by Tengen Inc. and developed by Atari, Inc. This title gives players the option to go for either a National or an American league team. It features 26 teams all in all, including a 1989 all-star squad. Each one has a complete roster of players, complete with a watch mode that allows fans to sit back and watch CPU-controlled match ups.

The game makes use of teams and stats from 1989 and may be enjoyed in both Single player or Two-player mode. There is also an option to play a whole season through R.B.I. Baseball 2's Password mode. This allows players to participate in a match against each team in a division.


Have you ever wanted to pitch like Nolan "The Ryan Express" Ryan? Maybe you've always wanted to catch a liner like a pro. It doesn't matter if you've been a fan for decades or are just starting to get into the sport. Amiga's rich library of baseball games is sure to have something that tickles your fancy.

For those who have kept up to date with sports titles, this is your chance to see where everything started. These five games are notable for their innovative features which have set the standard for modern baseball games.